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Derettens offers 11 English-language services available in 3 packages

Basic 5 Basic 5 + Add-ons    Easy Care 11  

5.50 Euro

(excluding VAT)

per LEU

6.50-16.00 Euro

(excluding VAT)

per LEU

10.0 Euro

(excluding VAT)

per LEU

LEU - Language Editing Unit = 1800 characters-including-white-spaces  (260-300 words or just over a page of 12 font and 1.5 line spacing).

            PhD candidate? In Finland? At Jyväskylä University? 

We are for 2015 offering a special rate for PhD candidates writing monographs of 200+ pages.


Editors of Books, Magazines and Thematic Issues of a Journal

The costs of large volume contracts are negotiable. Please apply to Marcus for details.


One year contracts offering prioritisation at a fixed rate are available to Institutions seeking a standardised trans-disciplinary English-language editing service. Please apply to Marcus for details.